Welcome to the Town of Boones Mill!
Welcome to the Town of Boones Mill!

Town Charter, Codes & Ordinances

Town Charter
The charter is the founding document which incorporates the Town as a legal entity. The state government grants the charters which create all of Virginia's cities, counties, and towns. The General Assembly must approve any requested revisions to this charter. Among other things, the charter sets the number of Town Council members and defines their powers under state law.
Boones Mill Town Charter.pdf
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Business License Tax Ordinance August 14, 2012
All businesses are required to pay an annual fee for a business license.
Business License Tax Ordinance 081412.pd[...]
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Floodplain Ordinance December 16, 2008
An Ordinance of the Town Council of Boones Mill, Virginia, establishing floodplain districts, requiring the issuance of permits for development, providing for certain minimum standards for development, and providing factors and conditions for variances to the terms of the ordinance.
Floodplain Ordinance 121608.pdf
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Water and Sewer Ordinance November 13, 2018
The Town's Water and Sewer Ordinance was revised and adopted at the regularly scheduled meeting of Town Council November 13, 2018.
Town Water Sewer Ordinance Adopted 11131[...]
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Code Of Conduct Ordinance November 11, 2008
The Town Council of the Town Of Boones Mill adopts rules of order to establish conduct guidelines for elected officials for the town of Boones Mill.
Code Of Conduct Ordinance 111108.pdf
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Cable Television Franchise Ordinance February 8, 2005
An Ordinance awarding cable television franchise Interlink Communications Partners LLC in order to provide cable television service within the Town.
Cable Television Ordinance 020805.pdf
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Inoperative Motor Vehicles Ordinance September 12, 2017
Detailed guidelines for junk vehicles. They must be screened from view and may be cited by the Town and resolved at the property owner's expense.
Inoperative Motor Vehicle Ordinance 0912[...]
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Meals Tax Ordinance (as amended) May 8, 2018
Restaurants and other prepared foods vendors pay a 5% tax on meals and drinks. Pre-packaged foods like candy bars pay sales tax instead of meals tax.
Meals Tax Ordinance (as amended) 050818.[...]
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Offenses Ordinance (as amended) December 13, 2016
The Offenses Ordinance defines the authority of the Police Department and lists the crimes enforced in town. This ordinance adopts the Codes of Virginia and of Franklin County for the definition of crimes.
Offenses Ordinance as amended 121316.pdf
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Operation of Motor Vehicles Ordinance (as amended) November 10, 2015
Local licensing and registration of all motor vehicles for residents of the Town of Boones Mill.
Operation of Motor Vehicles Ordinance as[...]
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Nuisance Ordinance September 11, 2018
Guidelines for handling nuisances which endanger public health and safety. These may be cited by the Town Council and resolved at the property owner's expense.
Nuisance Ordinance 091118.pdf
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Real Estate Tax Ordinance June 23, 2014
Tax rates for 2015-2016 and subsequent years unless altered by Town Council shall be :
Real Estate $0.12/$100 assessed value
Personal Property $0.40/$100 assessed value
Real Estate Tax Ordinance 062314.pdf
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Sign Ordinance March 19, 1990
Large signs are prohibited in town. Sign complaints may be reported to town staff or Council members.
Sign Ordinance 031990.pdf
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Vehicle Registration Ordinance November 10, 2015
Owners of vehicles garaged in Town must pay a $25 registration fee. Instead of a decal, the Town uses DMV data to assure registration.
Vehicle Registration Ordinance 111015.pd[...]
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Weapons and Hunting Ordinance March 14, 2017
Hunting is allowed by permit only. State game laws apply.
Weapons and Hunting Ordinance 031417.pdf
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Noise Ordinance April 11, 2006
An ordinance prohibiting noise disturbances within the town; declaring certain specific acts to constitute a noise disturbance; and providing for exceptions, definitions, and penalties.
Noise Ordinance 041106.pdf
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